Neue Sirene
Single copy: EUR 12 . Double issue: EUR 24
Issues 1 to 9: EUR 9 each
Subscription (4 issues) EUR 43 + s/h costs
Wegweisende Literatur der Gegenwart

German Version


Neue Sirene can be ordered at your local bookstore or directly from the publisher via  e m a i l. Our art collection (see below).

Single copiesVolume 30 at EUR 12. Volume 29 at EUR 12. Volume 28 at EUR 12. The digital document can be downloaded very easily. Single copies can be reserved in advance.
Single copiesVolume 26/27 at EUR 24; Volume 24/25 at EUR 24; Volume 21- 23 at EUR 12 each; Issues 10 - 20 at EUR 12 each; Issues 1 - 9 at EUR 9 each.
Subscription4 Volumes at EUR 43. A subscription consists of 4 volumes, and will remain active if not cancelled.
PackageIssues 1 - 7 at the reduced price of EUR 54. (Must be ordered by the publisher directly.)

Neue Sirene appears biannually. Shipping and handling costs are not included. (S/H within Germany for a single copy: EUR 1.25. Europe: 3.50. Overseas: 6.50.)

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Photo Art

Orders must be placed by Email
Please supply size and title

5 Photographs. For details click here.

Size: 11.61 inches x 8.27 inches
Single prices:
70 EUR "Snowscape 5"
70 EUR "Winter 3"
65 EUR "Idealism"
50 EUR "Planning Perspectives"
60 EUR "Beyond"

Limited Editions: Each copy handsigned and numbered.

Size: 8.86 inches x 5.91 inches
Single prices:
45 EUR "Snowscape 5"
45 EUR "Winter 3"
40 EUR "Idealism"
30 EUR "Planning Perspectives"
35 EUR "Beyond"

Limited Editions: Each copy handsigned and numbered.

Shipping and handling costs are not included. (S/H within Germany: EUR 2.50. Europe: EUR 5.50. Overseas: EUR 7.00 EUR)
by Ignaz Hefele

Orders must be placed by Email

Issue 10 and Issue 11 contain linocuts. No. 10 and No. 11 to 12 EUR each.

2 Series each with 6 double cards. For details click here.
Format of the double cards: 4 7/16 x 7 inches
Technnique: Linocut (black/white)
Paper quality: acid-free hand made paper (225 g)
Limited Edition: Only 20 copies of doublecards, handsigned and numbered, available!
On sale as a special offer:
EUR 20 per double card
EUR 97 per series (6 double cards each)
EUR 179 for both series.
Purchasing both series, you will additionally receive a two-color linocut (blue/green) on acid-free hand made paper (format: 11 5/8 x 8 1/2 inches)

Shipping and handling costs are not included.

The delivered items remained property of Neue Sirene until payment in full has been made.

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