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Wegweisende Literatur der Gegenwart

Neue Sirene
Wegweisende Literatur der Gegenwart

Published by Bettina Hohoff

Editor: Bettina Hohoff
Advisory Editorial Board: Dr. Klaus Hübner, Kristian Kühn, Ruxandra Niculescu

The international and multilingual literary publication Neue Sirene, founded in 1994, is published biannually. Each volume and issue presents hand-picked contributions by various authors in different languages and from different countries. Volume 30 and issues 1 to 22 cover a bandwidth of 313 authors from 48 countries and in at least 31 different languages, mirroring the stylistic and topical variety of contemporary literature today. Due to its international orientation and the high quality standards we demand, Neue Sirene not only conveys a lively insight into current literary life but provides the most important and authentic texts of international contemporary literature from all over the world - thus keeping you informed on what is going on and giving you an idea of future developments in literature. We also insist that each issue's spectrum includes female and male authors belonging to different age groups and enjoying different degrees of popularity. So, it should come as no surprise, e.g., to find in Neue Sirene a Nobel prize winner side by side with much younger and less known writers the literary relevance of which is to be communicated to the general public. From Issue 28 on a special review section will be added.

Roughly, Neue Sirene focuses on 3 groups of (female and male) authors:

All texts - be it poetry, prose or essays - are first time publications either in their original versions or in their German translations or both.
Multilingual presentations of literature are hard to find. It is for this reason that we made it a characteristic feature of Neue Sirene to print non-German poems and shorter prose in their original versions side by side along with the German translations. Take a look at our examples which will easily convince you of the literary advantages and aesthetic merits of this unique way of presenting literature.

It is about time to remind ourselves of the inter-national cultural and literary dialogues we are so badly in need of. Taking part in these dialogues you may find it useful to have each issue of Neue Sirene provide further information as to the authors, texts, and translators, thus enabling you to gain insight into the respective literary contexts.
Almost needless to add is that Neue Sirene is proud of having readers and subscribers from all around the world: from Harvard, Mumbai, Lisboa, Cairo and Helsinki to England, Israel, Japan, Poland, Russia, Chile, Australia and the U.S. ...

We are pleased to receive your submissions. Before submitting material please take a look at our advices for submissions!
Email us should you have further questions.

You also might want to take a look at Authors and Translators where you can find a complete index of all authors and translators published in Neue Sirene .

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