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Wegweisende Literatur der Gegenwart

Neue Sirene

Samples of poems in their original versions along with German translations

C. K. Williams

Tr. from English by Walter Thümler

Amir Or

Tr. from Hebrew by Barbara Linner

Blaga Dimitrova

Tr. from Bulgarian by Anna Dimova

Iwan Zhdanow

Tr. from Russian by Walter Thümler in cooperation with Alexej Hairetdinov

Carole Glasser Langille

Tr. from English by Dieter Plümacher in cooperation with Hans Joachim Lechler

Mahmud Darwish

From Arabian by Stefan Weidner

Gu Cheng

Tr. from Chinese by Peter Hoffmann

Eugenio Montale

Tr. from Italian by Christine Koschel

Sylvia Plath

Tr. from English by Christine Koschel

Izet Sarajlić

Tr. from Serbo-Croatian by Marina Achenbach

Pia Tafdrup

Tr. from Danish by Hanns Grössel

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